The Benefits of Reducing Screen Time

Benefits of Reducing Screed Time

By Aley Cristelli

Technology is a godsend. Being able to check emails or buy toilet paper from our phones has been a huge advancement for us humans. However, there comes a point when screen time can actually harm our health.  Too much screen time can actually restructure the matter that makes up our brains!  If that’s not terrifying enough our phones and laptops can make us more vulnerable to Metabolic Syndrome and eye strain and may even impact the way we process emotions.

 It’s not all doom and gloom. Taking a break from screens can have some major benefits. Here are a few that might just get you to put down that phone every now and then. 

1.     Connect: The average American spends 24 hours a week online.  By spending more time with actual humans, you will have more time to connect and foster deeper, more substantial relationships

2.    Better Sleep: Light from devices creates the function of staying up longer since our brains want to focus on the screen instead of rest.  Giving your devices a break can help you wake up more rested too.

3.    Better Relationships: I a recent study from Brigham Young University, a majority of respondents reported that phones, computers and other devices were disruptive to their relationships.  By allowing others to interrupt time with your partner via text or email, it can feel like rejection.  This can lead to hurt feelings, anger, resentment and even depression.

4.    Reduced Anxiety and Stress:  Social media use has been linked to depression.  One study among young adult showed that the more frequently they used Facebook the more dissatisfied they reported to be with their lives.  By limiting time on social media, we can spend time reflecting on our own life and drill down into what is affecting our own mental health instead of focusing on others.

5.    Reduced eyestrain: Hours and hours on screens can result in irritation, dryness, fatigue or blurred vision.  Taking a break can reduce these symptoms.

6.    Eat Better: Whether its watching TV or scrolling through your newsfeed, multitasking can lead to overeating and unhealth food choices.  By having your meal without distraction you are more likely to make more healthy choices and to stop when you’re full.

You don’t have to do a full on digital detox, but taking a break here and then can have a big impact on both your physical and emotional health.  Try a phone free evening and see how you feel, maybe you’ll feel bold enough to work up to leaving the home phone for the whole weekend.