Emma Ryan

  Inspiring vitality through health and happiness.

Hi! I’m Emma. I’m glad you’re here. I have this crazy dream where we all live in a state of complete vitality - where we are full of life, all the time. My drive started with a passion for food and turned into a passion to change people’s stories. My goal is to change your life today, but to ultimately improve all of your tomorrows. Working with me means learning to eat delicious food that just so happens to make you feel more alive than you’ve ever imagined.


Coaching Services

Transform your life

Nothing lights me up more than being a part of my clients’ transformations. You may be reaching out to me to discuss nutritional needs, lifestyle changes, medications, supplements, cooking, goal-setting, or anything in between. I’m here for all of it. The hard truth about changing your health story is that if you were going to do it on your own, you would have done it already. So, let’s do it together.


Eat to Live Workshops

Eat, Learn & Have Fun

Eat to Live is a workshop series created to educate and inspire those seeking a healthier way of living and eating. These hands-on workshops focus on simple, quick, and nutritious recipes the entire family can enjoy. Each workshop has a different theme and caters towards the season, so you will enjoy a new experience every time. These classes are offered four times per year, so be sure to sign up in advance before they sell out! Come learn, eat, and be inspired. 

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Plant-Based in the comfort of your own home

Creating and sharing recipes is something that keeps me inspired. I promise to always provide plant based, gluten free, and nutritionally rich foods that are simple enough to make in the comfort of your own home, no chef skills required.  

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