Another year worth celebrating

Birthday's, for many reasons, are one of my favorite things. To me, it's more than just a day with cake and balloons, and it's also more than just the day you were born. It's about celebrating life! 

It's a day to reflect on all of the mountains you've climbed (literally and figuratively), goals you've surpassed, changes you've made, people you've met, losses you've overcome, places you've traveled, and everything far, from, or inbetween! It's like your own personal New Year's that's all about YOU! And that my friend, is always worth celebrating. 

Each year always means something different to me, because each year we go through different challenges and triumphs. And for me, this year was a little extra special. This past year was the year of thyroid cancer, and everything that it entailed. It was the year I turned my vision into a reality and started my own business as a health coach. And it was the year I truly started to love myself. 

This year I am out of town for my birthday, so I decided to celebrate early by going to dinner with friends and by making myself this blood orange & white chocolate cheesecake! (All raw, vegan, and gluten free of course!)

But I guess my message here is this - no matter who you are and whether or not you like to celebrate, I urge you to always do something for YOU on your special day. Because you are always worth celebrating!