My experience on a 5-day juice cleanse...

You should know that this was not my first cleanse. Not even close. I used to offer juice cleanses to my clients and I have done handfuls of juice cleanses, anywhere from 1-60 days. In fact, some of you who are reading this probably know me from my days as the cleanse specialist for Organic Squeeze, or even from the juice retreat center I worked at in Turkey. So, that said, my experience will be much different than others. I believe it is 100% mental. 

Last week I was feeling like I needed to hit the re-set button, so I decided it was time for another cleanse. It had been 2 years since my last cleanse, which was for 60 days. I knew I didn't have the time to juice it all myself , so I reached out to Wheeze the Juice in OKC. They were able to customize my cleanse and have it ready within 24 hours, which was AWESOME. 

I had a phenomenal experience with their juices and absolutely LOVED the cleanse. I felt energized, strong, clear-minded, and noticed a difference in my skin in just 5 days. 

Before I break it down by day, some of you may be wondering "WHY would I ever not eat for 5 days and want to live off juice?" There are multiple reasons. When you give yourself a complete digestive rest- your body is able to reset, rejuvenate, and detox at a much quicker pace. The amount of energy we expend on digestion is insane- so if your body can use all of that energy elsewhere, you will notice a drastic difference in how you feel. Everyone has their own reasons for doing a cleanse, but mine was to clear my head and increase my energy. 

Each day I drank 5 juices (mainly vegetable with minimal fruits) plus vegetable broth. In the fall and winter months I find it easier to cleanse with vegetable broth instead of a 6th juice because it adds some warmth to the cleanse. 


Day One:

  • I went to my bootcamp class in the morning like usual

  • I felt tired for most of the day and I had a caffeine headache. I stayed strong with my juices and tried to get to sleep earlier than usual because I felt like my body was asking for rest

Day Two:

  • Woke up with a small headache

  • Went to my bootcamp class per usual and felt surprisingly strong and energized

  • Increased my water intake and felt great all day long!

  • At night I definitely wanted food, but I wasn't hungry. It just sounded like fun :) However, I heated up some vegetable broth which satiated my desire to eat

  • I slept like a ROCK

Day Three:

  • Woke up feeling GREAT

  • Went to bootcamp

  • I only drank 4 juices plus vegetable broth this day - for some reason I was not very hungry at all

  • Increased my water intake even more, I think I drank nearly a gallon

  • Felt extremely energized and clear-minded all day long

Day Four:

  • Woke up with a very random desire to go for a run- so I skipped bootcamp and ran 2 miles with my roommate. I felt extremely good during and after this run, much to my surprise

  • My energy was up all day and I was not very hungry. Again, I only had 4 juices plus vegetable broth and a lot of lemon water

  • I did a colonic on this day which was AWESOME. I'm a huge believer in colonics during cleanses due to the amount of toxins your body is trying to eliminate

Day Five:

  • Woke up feeling sad that it was my last day on the cleanse

  • Went to bootcamp and continued to feel very strong during my workouts

  • I felt great all day, but in the evening I was definitely tired and was ready for bed by 8pm

  • Slept great and woke up early the next morning ready to take on the world and eat :)

The Days After

  • I started by just drinking a lot of water, eating fruit, and eating my homemade superfood bars

  • I didn't eat very much on Saturday or Sunday because I felt very full, very fast!

  • I continued to notice a drastic difference in my skin and mental clarity, which is a huge perk!

As you can see, my cleanse experience was smooth sailing! However, that is not always the case. Each time I do a cleanse I have a different experience, as will you. So, want to know more? Shoot me an email and I'll fill you in on the deets:)

If any of you are considering doing a cleanse, please reach out to me and let me know if I can help in any way! For those of you who have done cleanses with me in the past - stay tuned for January cleanse dates, as I am working on planning another group cleanse (back by popular demand)!