Staying the course.

Today I want to talk about staying the course, staying committed, and keeping promises to yourself.

This is something that sounds simple, or maybe sounds like something you can brush aside. However, I’m here to tell you that it makes a HUGE difference.

I have been working with clients for 3+ years, and all this time I’ve been trying to figure out why some clients do exceptionally well while others just do good.

I always talk to my clients about learning to keep promises to themselves. For example, if you tell yourself you’re going to workout in the morning and you don’t do it, you just broke a promise and devalued your own word to yourself.

Why is it that we value our commitments and promises to our peers more so than we value our commitments and promises to ourselves? This is our human nature, but it definitely doesn’t do us any good when we’re trying to jump on this self-love and self-development band wagon.

If you make a commitment to yourself, keep it.

Try this for two weeks and tell me how different you feel. Because I promise you will.

Anyway - in recent weeks it dawned on me that my clients who have done the best throughout their coaching programs are the ones who never rescheduled, never ran late, never missed a meeting, and never resisted the uncomfortable period of change. No matter what, they showed up. Not for me, but for themselves. They made a commitment to show up, and that’s exactly what they did. That commitment transformed their lives.

We all know that change is uncomfortable. It’s messy, it’s hard, it’s emotional, it’s vulnerable, and so many other things. Especially when we are talking about changing something as personal as our food and lifestyle. Even for me, it’s easy to want to back down and be “gentle to myself” when I am in the middle of diving in deep to my own self-developement. I may decide to watch netflix instead of practicing yoga or writing in my journal, but that’s only hurting myself and the progress I’ve made. We must stay the course. If you’re ready to change - stay the course. No matter what. The Universe will throw you curve balls, you will be challenged more than you ever thought possible, and that’s exactly when you need to keep going.

If you’ve made it to the end of this blog post, I assume this is something you needed to hear. So, start today. Start to listen to your commitments and keep them. Listen to your inner dialogue as fear tries to come up with excuses, but not matter what- stay the course. You deserve it.