Goal Setting & Keeping

Hi friends! 

I wanted to check back in with those new years resolutions!

Some people roll their eyes at resolutions. Me? I'm all for it. Fresh start! Blank slate! Sure, I never advise my clients to wait until Monday, or next week, or the start of the new month to embark on their journeys. But if you have a marked day 1 built right in to the calendar we all follow then why not be intentional with it?

When I was 17 I had my first real experience with goal setting. I was visiting California to help teach a Matthew Kenney workshop. I had such a great time teaching the class and went home excited to come up with some goals. I had three: to study abroad, to travel to two new countries, and to run a 5k. Within the following 365 days I achieved all three and even surpassed my 5k goal by running a half marathon. Friends, let me tell you, when I set the 5k goal I hadn’t ever run more than a mile. Talk about a serious upgrade!

But HOW did I achieve all three of my goals?

Well, first, let's talk about the WHY. I firmly believe that I did it because I made the choice to value myself. Do you know those people whose words they do not keep? You don't trust them, right? Do you want to be that person to someone? Certainly not! So why would you want to be it yourself? That night as I brainstormed my goals I knew my why was not only to experience those three wonderful events but also because I valued accountability and decided then and there that I would be someone who keeps their word. It all boils down to self-respect.

So you WANT to respect yourself and keep your word and work towards your goals, right? But you're just not sure about exactly how to do so. Well, goal setting and planning works best in different ways for different people, but I have a few standards I suggest:

  • Preparation is key! Make a plan. Include timelines. This could mean scheduling your workouts in advance or even setting up automatic transfers into your savings account if the goal is financially oriented.

  • Get others involved! Partner up. Share your goals with friends and families. Speak about your plans without hesitation. People can help hold you accountable and also give you praises.

  • Keep it in sight. Make a vision board. A checklist if nothing satisfies you like the act of crossing things off! Change your phone background to a motivational quote or an image that is tied to the goal.

Get excited. You can do it. Let me know how it goes! And of course, if you need help, I'm here!