Spirulina Grapefruit Smoothie

Several years ago I was traveling to Chicago and checking out all of the local juice + smoothie bars, because what else would I do there? ;) Anyway, I walked into what is still to this day one of my favorite raw food cafes and saw a “Spirulina Grapefruit” smoothie on the menu. I was intrigued. It sounded disgusting to be honest, but they said it was their house favorite - so I had to at least try it.

Much to my surprise, I LOVED IT. So much so that I came home and started experimenting with recipes. I have drank this smoothie off an on for years and find it extremely flavorful, refreshing, and light. I never planned on sharing it because I thought it was too far fetched for most, but after letting a group of friends try it I think it’s time to share!



Serves 1 / Makes 16 ounces


1 cup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

1.5 frozen bananas

2T hemp seeds

2T goji berries

1t spirulina (I used the Earthrise brand)


Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender on high until smooth and creamy. Add more liquid if needed or more frozen banana too thicken.

I hope you are just as pleasantly surprised as I was!