Banana Pancakes


Nothing is better than sleeping in on a Sunday morning and treating yourself to breakfast in bed. And when I say breakfast in bed, I mean pancakes.

 You can never go wrong with pancakes, especially when they are good-for-you pancakes.  You could even have them for dinner! However, the best part of these pancakes is that they don’t taste healthy… but they are!

I remember coming home from school when I was younger and my mom calling out, “How about breakfast for dinner?” - and that, my friends, was the BEST news ever. It was like being asked if I wanted chocolate cake.  

In our house, breakfast for dinner meant Bisquick pancake mix with Aunt Jamima maple syrup. Sometimes my mom would get fancy with it and top hers peanut butter and jelly.

The point is that I have always loved pancakes! And to be honest, who doesn’t?!

These pancakes are super simple and tasty! I wanted to create a pancake that was thick and fluffy, just like my childhood favorites, and that’s exactly what I did. 

Now, you can eat pancakes every morning and never feel guilty.  You can switch it up by adding blueberries or chocolate chips, and maybe even strawberries!

If you’re allergic to banana, try switching out the banana for cashews or another fruit of your choice. It might not be exactly the same, but it’ll still do the trick !

The ingredients are listed below, but check out the video for a full tutorial.



p.s.- They are completely vegan and gluten free (buckwheat is a gluten free grain, despite its name)!



3 bananas

¾ c steel cut oats

½ c buckwheat groats

2 c almond milk

1/8 c maple

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon

coconut oil for frying

fruit for topping