Acai Bowl

I remember the first time I ever saw or heard of an acai bowl; I was living in Amsterdam. I had just left my favorite yoga class and had decided to wander around a bit before heading home. It was a beautiful morning, and as I was walking around the canal I spotted the tiniest little cafe that had a sign for acai bowls. I knew what acai was, so decided to check it out. It was indeed the cutest little place I had seen. They had all kinds of acai bowls and healthy snacks to take on the go. I ordered a traditional acai bowl and instantly fell in love. 

I have had smoothies every morning for breakfast for years, but every once in a while I like to switch things up. Sometimes I want to sit down and feel like I am actually eating something rather than drinking my breakfast. Oatmeal is always nice in the winter, but often it is too heavy and leaves me feeling sluggish.

So, what better than an acai bowl? It's an absolute powerhouse of energy, especially when you add extra superfoods like spirulina. I love how versatile they are, just like smoothies. You can add anything you want, just make sure not to add too much liquid or you'll end up having to drink it :)

Watch the video above for my favorite version, but feel free to take out or add anything you please! 



1/4 c orange juice 

1 frozen acai pack 

2T almond butter 

2T hemp seeds

1 banana 

1 c frozen blueberries 

1/2 t spirulina



Bee pollen