Why I Choose Whole Foods

If you've been following me for awhile, you might remember the blog post I wrote about Trader Joe's about a year ago. If not, check it out in my archives. 

I get asked all the time where I shop, so here is my answer....

The point of THIS post is to discuss exactly WHY I choose Whole Foods Market, every time. 

You may have noticed that I do several giveaways and partnerships with Whole Foods Market. The key point here is that I chose them, they didn't choose me. They are a big part of my events and workshops, and they enable me to provide the highest quality of ingredients - which is a complete game changer! 

Furthermore, because of their generosity and passion to be involved in their communities- I am able to lower my costs of the workshops without lowering the standards of my ingredients. So, if you noticed a recent drop in my workshop prices compared to last year- you can thank Whole Foods! 

Reasons I love WFM: 

  1. I trust the company as a whole and believe in what they stand for. They don't allow a slew of ingredients to be sold in their stores, meaning they are doing a pre-screening on all of their products in order to protect their consumers. 
  2. They give back to the community.
  3. They treat their employees well. 
  4. The quality is incomparable to any other grocery store. You can taste the difference. 
  5. Their employees are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. 
  6. The environment has an effect on you- I've had clients tell me that it truly inspires them to be healthier just by walking around.
  7. They cater towards special diets. Vegan? They have it. Gluten free? They have it. Food allergies? They most likely have It. 
  8. Contrary to many people's beliefs, you CAN shop on a budget here. If you stick to produce- you'll be getting great prices, as well as, quality. They also have great sales and thanks to Amazon they have had a lot of prices drop recently! 

Need I say more? Happy shopping :) 



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