Dill Spread

So I kind of love Dill. It's probably my favorite herb to use in the summers. It's extremly light and refreshing, which is perfect for summer pasta salads, or in this case, dip! 

I typically don't eat a ton of bread, but after spreading this on a piece of sourdough, I'm hooked. My sister thinks it should be a new staple in our refrigerator, and I think she might be onto something! 

So whether you use it as a spread on your favorite baguette or as a dip for your raw veggies, I think you'll be pleased. 


1 cup cashews, soaked in water for a minimum of 2 hours

1/2 cup fresh dill, chopped 

1/2 lemon, squeezed 

1 T capers 

2 T olive oil 

1 garlic clove 

1/4-1/2 cup water, depending on how thick you want it

salt and pepper to taste


Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender except for the dill. Do not blend the dill, you will stir it in after. Blend all other ingredients on high until smooth. Then blend in the dill and store in the refrigerator for up to a week.