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Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

Plant Based Sports Nutritionist 

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It all started when...

I realized that I could choose how I wanted to feel on a daily basis. Whether that was sick and tired or alive and thriving -  it was my choice. 

When I was growning up, I was sick ALL the time. It seemed like antibiotics were candy and I could never get enough. From strep throat and bronchitis to constipation and weight issues - I had it all, all the time. I felt stressed, tired, and sick - even as a teenager. Even though I was always considered to be the health nut by my friends, it was a constant battle. 

My dad was a chef, so I was always into food and loved to experiment with new recipes, but that didn't mean they were healthy. One day a friend challenged me to a plant-based diet. I thought she was absolutely insane, but I did it. After 7 days I felt like a new person, and I knew there had to be something to it. Needless to say, once again, my new "health journey" took a wrong turn when I became obsessed with losing weight. After all, this was the first time in my entire life I wasn't considered to be "thick," and I loved this new attention I was getting. The numbers on the scale continued to drop, and I found myself dealing with anorexia. This quickly led to infertility, digestive issues, and an impacted colon, not to mention mental health issues. I became scared of food. I didn't want to eat because I was scared I would return to my "old self." That is, until I found the world of raw food. 

When Matthew Kenney came to Oklahoma City I fell in love with their concept and slowly shed my fear of food. I became their raw food pastry chef and found my passion for food and health once again. This journey led me all across the world and back. I had an internship at a retreat center in Turkey, studied in South Korea, and moved on to work in Amsterdam for a raw food and juice retreat company. I was loving life and these new experiences - or so I thought. 

During this time I had put on weight again and had become very judgmental of myself, even though I felt like I was doing everything right. I ignored my inner dialogue and continued to advance my career- until I was stopped in my tracks, literally. Being run over by a car put me in the hospital -  only to discover a tumor living on my thyroid. Though this tumor was said to be benign, I knew something wasn't right. I felt like I had been ignoring my own body for so long that I let something manifest inside me and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. "Why was this happening to me? I eat right, I exercise daily, why am I sick AGAIN?" 

I moved home to focus on healing my own body and found myself feeling more lost than every before. Doctors told me I had leaky gut, celiac disease, I was pre-diabetic, I had a toxic liver, and just about everything else they could find. "WHAT?!" I believed them, and I did everything they said. I took the supplements, did the detoxing, cut out all the sugar and the grains, spent a fortune, and guess what -  it only got worse.   

This sent me straight into depression. I didn't talk to my friends, didn't want to leave the house, and I was ashamed. "How did this become my story? I'm supposed to be the healthy one." I had never felt so alone and confused. I read all the books, watched all the documentaries, and tried all the diets and cleanses I could find. Nothing was working. 

Then, much to my surprise, I met a health coach who asked me some pretty deep questions. These questions opened the door to my healing.  During this healing process, I went to England for a month and went through a miro-biome transplant, or a fecal matter transplant. This was a huge part of my physical healing. However, shortly after my treatment, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of thyroid cancer. My tumor had doubled in size in a matter of weeks and had spread to some of my lymph nodes. I will never forget that day or the tone of the woman who called me to deliver the news. Even more so, I will never forget the way I felt in that moment. I was terrified, shocked, but also very grateful. This moment changed me and everything I believed in. I now knew that my answers were not going to be found in a book that I read, or a doctor I spoke to, or a documentary I watched. My answers to personal freedom and vitality were inside of me, and only I could listen to them. The way I felt was MY CHOICE. I had chosen cancer, it didn't choose me. Now I was given the opportunity to let it go. I surrendered to myself. I vowed to stop fighting and to truly surrender; to let go of what I was avoiding, and to let go of this disease. Two weeks later I had my thyroid and 9 lymph nodes removed. I did the radiation that was expected of me and I have never felt better. 

My health is my choice. How I treat my body is mental, physical, and emotional. Though my personal experience may or may not resonate with you -  I'm here to share with you how to find your own vitality. I'm here to open the door that someone once opened for me. 

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