The BEYOND Burger Giveaway + Recipe!

To all my Oklahomies who want to win some free BEYOND burgers... this is for you!

If you haven't heard of Beyond Meat's new burger, now you have! I give you - the BEYOND burger! I've been living a plant based lifestyle for the past 7 years, so when I first got my hands on one of these while traveling last September, I was STOKED. And after several months of anticipation.. they are now sold at the Whole Foods Market in Oklahoma City! 

This is not your typical veggie burger or meat substitute... this will blow your mind. These burgers are designed to look like, smell like, and cook like a typical cow burger, and they seriously nailed it! The first time I sampled it at a Whole Foods Market in Colorado, I had to double check that I didn't accidentally eat animal meat. I was fooled! 

So, do you want to win some for free?! I thought you might :) 

I've teamed up with Whole Foods Market OKC to giveaway 2 packages of these burgers (4 burgers total) PLUS a $25 gift card to one lucky winner! 


1. You must follow us both on Instagram (Emmaryanvc and Wholefoods) OR like us both on Facebook (Emma Ryan and Whole Foods Market) 

2.. Tag two friends in the comments on this post using Instagram or Facebook

3. Comment why you want to try a meat-free option or who you are going to cook them for! 

**Winner will be announced within 48 hours and they will claim their prize at Whole Foods Market in OKC.**

Ready...Set... GOOO!!!!!!!!

Once you have your burgers... Here is what I suggest :)

1. You should definitely grill them. It tastes the most like a "real" burger when it is grilled, and I nearly caught my toaster oven on fire trying to cook one in there. 

2. Use a pretzel bun. Hands down best decision ever. (Made by Pretzilla and also sold at Whole Foods OKC) 

3. Get ALL the toppings. Whatever you like, make sure you have it. This burger is so good you want to dress it up right and treat it like you would a "real" burger. Stack it on up, the higher the better. 

Toppings I chose:

1. Just Mayo (vegan mayonnaise brand)

2. Miyoko's Creamery garlic herb cashew cheese spread (sold at Whole Foods Market)

3. Caramelized onion

4. Grilled mushrooms 

5. Heirloom tomato

6. Avocado

7. Spinach

8. Microgreens

If you love this burger as much as I do... tell me about it! Tag me in your posts or comment on the blog. I want to hear about all the ways you go BEYOND!