Hi friends! 

Today I am asking for your input!! 

Over the weekend I was meeting with a new client and as we talked about food ideas and places to eat, it occurred to me that I have written down restaurant ideas for every single one of my clients at some point along their program - and it dawned on me that is a universal "need." The point being - it seems like all of us struggle with finding healthy options that fit our lifestyle when we want to go out and be social - so, the intention of this blog post is to gain insight to all of your favorite places in the city and surrounding areas! 

If you could please post, comment, email, or text me all of your favorite spots and menu items it will help me compile a list to eventually post to my website for everyone to have access to! 



1) Elemental Coffee Roasters - Avocado Toast (vegetarian/vegan)

2) Cultivar Mexican- Vegan Tacos (vegetarian/vegan)

3) Green Goodies - Cupcakes and Cookies (vegan and gluten free)


Get the idea??

They don't have to be vegan-  but overall people are looking for things like organic, grass fed, farm to table, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc. 


Thanks in advance for your help!!